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THE GOODS: Party Season with Banana Republic – Gift Ideas – GBN

Lesa Lakin
Lesa Lakin

It’s holiday party season and we found a few reasonably-priced items from a store I hadn’t been in for quite some time. No reason in particular… Banana Republic has just never really been my speed (a little conservative – or so I thought). But when I walked in, I was surprised by how far Banana Republic had come.

Full disclosure – I was in there trying to exchange a birthday gift. And after my no-nonsense return haggle… I really looked around and boy, was I pleasantly impressed. Yes, you can still find and always will find classic and conservative pieces, but there are also edgier, fun pieces throughout the store.

First, I have to commend Banana Republic on the store lighting. It looked great in there. Good enough for the woman “on day five” of her facial peel to take her glasses off and sit next to me to try on shoes. She’d made the assumption I was staring at her face. I wasn’t – I was looking at the shoes in her hand – but I was happy she was comfortable enough to sit with me and explain what the big black spots on her cheeks were. Banana Republic actually felt very warm and friendly.

I was shown the following pieces and I gotta say… I bought myself a few things. Sales are going on now and there are some serious on-line and in-store bargains to be had:

Braided Chain Line Bracelet - Banana Republic


Not everyone is a jewelry person… but here’s an easy piece even jewelry lovers may want. It’s a great bracelet to spark up any outfit.


Faux-Fur Trim Open Sweater Vest - Banana Republic


A young saleswoman looked at me and in whisper tones she said, “I have something you will appreciate. Not everyone gets it, but I know you will.” Even if it was a hustle, I bought it. She had me because she liked my style. She was right… I got it and I like it! Look, sometimes I like to save my faux fur for my Vegas trips… but other days I’m in my faux fur, T-shirts and jeans and shopping at Whole Foods. This piece isn’t your average vest… it’s different and special!


Daphne Lace-Up Bootie - Banana Republic

DAPHNE LACE-UP BOOTIE $148.00 (Check in-store I got these for 60% off)

While these camo booties may not be the most practical choice, they are certainly a fun wardrobe addition. I have no idea where or when I am wearing them, but I know it will be a good fashion moment.


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