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Black Shopping Channel CEO Cleveland Gary Signs $125 Million Deal to Expand TV Viewership

Black Shopping Channel CEO Cleveland Gary

The Black Shopping Channel has announced the successful completion of a deal worth $125 million to expand TV viewership via Comcast, DirecTV, and Time Warner.

Currently, Black Shopping Channel can be seen on Dish Network. As of now, the financing structure is a combination of debt and equity in affiliationBSC with the New York Stock Exchange bank.  CEO Cleveland Gary states that, “The added $125 million to the company’s balance sheet raises the Black Shopping Channel’s market value to a $700 million dollar company and growing.”

Other sources are anticipating 200,000,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2015 for the Black Shopping Channel via their website at www.blackshoppingchannel.com.

The site enables Black business owners to own a free virtual store used to promote and advertise their products and give their business exposure to the high volume of monthly shoppers. Right now, BSC (Black Shopping Channel) is the only Urban television shopping channel that promotes products from Black and small business owners from all over the country. This channel alone is broadcast over national television, seen on DISH Network, cable, and FTA access, as well as 20,000,000 homes throughout the United States.  With this new deal, more people will learn about Black-owned businesses as more small businesses and their products get more exposure.

We will be exposed to more infomercials about black products and services.  So far, blackshoppingchannel.tv can be seen on 16 different network channels. If you want to learn more about how you can get your hands on Black-owned businesses, services, and products, click here at http://www.blackshoppingchannel.com/

article by Joshua D. Copeland via thereelnetwork.net

DISH Network Launches Africa Box Office Channel For U.S. Audiences

Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock.com

Yuri Arcurs/Shutterstock.com

Ever hear of Kate Henshaw-Nuttal? How about Genevieve Nnaji? You might soon. They are two of Nollywood’s top actresses. Nollywood (Nigeria’s film industry) is continuing to give Hollywood a run for its money… with help from moviegoers. The Nigerian film industry is now an $800-million industry, reports Forbes. And it’s becoming more global. In fact, even the Dish Network has recognized the power of Nollywood. It has just announced it will launch Africa Box Office (ABO), an Afro-Caribbean movie channel. ABO is broadcasts films exclusively from Nollywood, the prolific Nigerian film industry. It also airs films from other major African and Caribbean motion picture houses.

According to a press release, ABO is the largest Afro-Caribbean content aggregator for television in North America, broadcasting over 150 new movies per year, eight movies every day, and three premieres every week. It has a catalog of more than 1,500 African and Caribbean movies, leveraging the Afrotainment Family of Channels.

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