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Florida Boys Isiah Francis, 10 and Jeremiah Grimes, 11, Rescue Babies from Neighbor’s Burning Home

Isiah Francis (r.), 10, and Jeremiah Grimes (l.), 11, were hailed heroes after they ran into a burning mobile home and rescued a 1-year-old and an 8-month-old (photo via nydailynews.com)
Two Florida boys didn’t think twice when they saw their neighbor’s house burning Tuesday morning.  Isiah Francis, 10, and Jeremiah Grimes, 11, of Orange County, were playing outside when they saw the fire raging inside a mobile home. They said they knew children lived there.The homeowner was dousing the fire with water when the boys say they ran inside.

“I was really scared because I thought I was going to get burned,” said Isiah, who dreams of being a firefighter. “I was nervous because there was so much smoke it was hard for me to see.”

The boys rescued a 1-year-old and an 8-month-old by tucking the babies under their arms and running outside.  The homeowner told the boys there were no more children inside — possibly to keep them safe — but firefighters also rescued a 2 year old and a 5 year old from the burning home. They were both in critical yet stable condition.

Orange County investigators suspect a cook stove ignited the blaze, but they haven’t confirmed their suspicion nor determined another cause of the fire.

Isiah said he is still determined to become a firefighter.

“Even though I have to go through all this hard work, I still want to be one,” he said.

article by Annika Harris via uptownmagazine.com

Five Year-Old Demonte Reilley Saves Mom’s Life By Calling 911

demonte-reilley-detroitEarly Tuesday morning, Akua McClaine was having a seizure but her five year-old son knew what to do: call 911.  Fox 2 News reports that Demonte Reilley knew exactly what to say when the operator answered the call. Demonte told the operator what had happened to his mother, her age and her medical history, as well as their location. His mother had drilled him on what to say if he ever had to call 911. The operator was so impressed with the boy’s actions that she contacted Fox 2. “I’m so proud of him,” McClaine told the news station about her son’s actions. “He saved me.”

The only thing Demonte doesn’t remember about the ordeal was how long it took for the EMS to arrive; he just graduated from kindergarten, so he doesn’t know how to tell time. As for McClaine, she was treated at a local hospital and released. “I just said, ‘baby I love you so much’ and he said, ‘no mommy, I love you.’”

To see video of Demonte Reilley talking about saving his mother by calling 911, click here.

article via newsone.com

5-Year-Old Nathaniel Dancy Jr. Uses ABCs to Save Dad’s Life

Nathaniel Dancy jrA 5-year-old Newark, NJ boy became a hero after he used quick thinking and A-B-C skills to save his father’s life last week. 

The two were driving home from buying Nathaniel Dancy Jr. school shoes when Nathaniel Sr. suffered an aneurysm and stroke, making him violently ill, according to a report by New York’s NBC Channel 4 News.  He was able to pull the car over, but then got out of the car, vomited, and became paralyzed by a seizure. That’s when Nathaniel Jr., who is in kindergarten, sprang into action, grabbing his dad’s phone and calling his grandmother.

“He said, ‘Come and help me and my daddy. We’re in trouble,’” Susan Hardy-Blackman told NBC New York. She asked him where they were, and, though her grandson was unable to read the sign on the store they were in front of, he spelled it for her: F-U-R-N-I-T-U-R-E. But she was still confused. And that prompted the young boy to be persistent well beyond his years.

“He said, ‘Grandma, use your active listening skills,’” she said. “‘Listen to the words that are coming out of my mouth.’” He gave her another clue, that they’d just gone through a tunnel, and Hardy-Blackman was able to go to them, where they were parked in front of a furniture store, and send an ambulance there, too. 

Brett Baker, director of operations at Nathaniel’s North Star Academy, told Yahoo! Shine that young Nathaniel is “a very caring individual,” and that he was proud to know the school’s emphasis of core values “really helped him seize the moment, as it were.”  Doctors say that Nathaniel Sr., who remains hospitalized, is lucky to be alive.

article by Beth Greenfield via shine.yahoo.com