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THE GOODS: Baby, It’s Doggone Cold Outside– Holiday Gifts for Dogs – GBN

Charlie (Photo by Phoebe)
Charlie (Photo by Phoebe)

Every year without fail it takes me a minute to get into the holiday giving spirit. I Scrooge it up until it really hits me that the holidays are coming fast and furious and I’ve got to step on it to make things happen. This year is no exception. I am more likely to sit at a computer and “add to cart” than I am to brave the crowds in search of the perfect gift. Well, that was until it came to choosing an important gift for someone I love… my dog, Charlie (pictured above). No, I am not a crazy dog person (and yes, he’s a rescue)… and no, he doesn’t go everywhere with me. But we do have a mutual respect for one another and bring joy into each other’s lives on a daily basis.

I run with Charlie every morning regardless of the weather. But as the years pass, every winter I’m noticing he and I are not loving the pre-dawn adventures as much. Quite frankly – we are cold!  But at least I am bundled… he is not. We used to sort of snub our noses at the little dogs that were geared up in their little outfits. Charlie is big and sturdy… does he really need a dog-semble? Well… he does now… and I’ve found the perfect one.

I searched the brick and mortars, but found one that fits our needs best in the old-school LL Bean catalog. They’ve got some great stuff in there. More choices from their catalog – for humans – coming in a later post. (Get ready – I’m bringing back the flannel nightgown!)


FIELD COAT FOR DOGS $29.95 (sizes small to extra large)

LL Bean offers the original field coat for dogs. This one comes in all sizes and in two colors.  It is layered enough to keep the dog warm but it’s not restricting. Great price!


Pet Parka - LL Bean

PET PARKA $24.00

I really love the look of this parka… too bad my dog is too big. They only seem to have it in small – it’s a great color and a GREAT BUY.


Holiday Treats:
I’ll probably pop down to Petco and get Charlie some of his favorite cookies, or maybe a couple of doggy cupcakes from Sprinkles… he deserves a little extra snack this season, too!

Lesa Lakin and Charlie
Lesa Lakin and Charlie