These Black Graduates Swag Surfing are the Epitome of Black Joy

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by Jenna Amatulli via

You may think your graduation was lit, but did you and every one you know swag surf? No?Well, sit down and read on. Graduates at Howard University and Langston University decided to dance themselves into post-grad life by celebrating with a group swag surfin’ session. And the videos are truly glorious. Take a look at these from a Howard U ceremony that appears to have gone down on May 12:

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Study Finds Black Graduates Feel More Financially Responsible Than Past Generations

Young African American college graduates say they are more responsibly committed to reaching financial goals than previous generations, according to a study released Tuesday by Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance.  Seventy percent of African Americans age 18 to 34 said they were either “disciplined” or “highly disciplined” when it came to finances, compared to just 47 percent of those 35 and older. However, 40 percent of those 55 and older reported having financially prepared to live to age 95, as opposed to just nine percent for the 18 to 34 set.

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