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Dove Embraces Diversity With “Love Your Curls” Campaign and New Curly-Haired Emojis

Dove has been receiving all the praise lately after the launch of its “Love Your Curls” campaign that was released earlier this year in an effort to get women to love their curly hair textures.

Now, the beauty brand is expanding on that campaign and bringing its love for diversity to your fingertips. As of Nov. 4, in the App Store and on Google Play, emoji lovers can download the 27 new curly-haired emojis that come in various skin tones and hair lengths. According to Dove’s commercial, only four out of 10 curly-hair girls feel they are beautiful. Recognizing the power in representation, Dove’s VP of Marketing Rob Candelino knew it was up to the company to fill the void.

“Knowing how prevalent and widely used emojis have become, it was saddening to us [that] there remained no reflection of curly hair in the official keyboard, even after recent updates,” Candelino tells MashableThe best part about using emojis is being able to express a feeling, thought or sentiment with an icon that is representative of you.”

In addition to the new emojis, Dove has partnered with Twitter to ensure that every time someone tweets #LoveYourCurls, a curly-haired emoji will appear.

Dove’s digital communication updates are among many new additions added to the campaign, as the brand has also launched empowering videos and a children’s book full of poems and stories that encourage women to celebrate their natural curls.

article via Courtney Connley via blackenterprise.com

Former NASA Employee Katrina Parrott Launches New Diversity-Filled Emoji App



What do you do when you become frustrated with Apple’s lack of diversity within their emojis? Well, Katrina Parrott, a former NASA employee, took it upon herself to create her own app filled with a variety of over 900 diverse emoticons.

According to Katrina, after her daughter noticed the lack of diversity within the system she knew it was time to take it into her own hands to do her best in launching her own system. This is when the birth of iDiversicons happened.

Katrina stated, “We wanted all people to be able to find an emoticon that looked like them.” Since Apple doesn’t seem to be in a major rush to implement the ethnicity update, we respect those who have taken it upon themselves to do their part in raising the bar to equality.

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smileyface_box3-1It’s not JUST an emoji, but has evolved into a big part of our societies culture used by many of us from coast to coast. When I reached out to Apple previously they told me, “Our emoji characters are based on the Unicode standard, which is necessary for them to be displayed properly across many platforms. There needs to be more diversity in the emoji character set, and we have been working closely with the Unicode Consortium in an effort to update the standard.”

So then why are we still seeing the same emojis with no race update? We hear the rumor of the middle finger coming, or even a thermometer (WTF) emoji, but no diverse emojis! Come on, Apple, listen to the people and update this already!

Support Katrina’s mission by heading on over to iDiversicons to learn how to get started!

article via act.mtv.com