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Shera Grant Joins Twin Shanta Owens as Alabama District Court Judge

Shanta Owens and Shera Grant (Photo: GrantforJudge.com)
Shanta Owens and Shera Grant (Photo: GrantforJudge.com)

Shera Grant and Shanta Owens, identical twin sisters, have led incredibly similar lives over the years.

According to AL.com, both of these women graduated from Alabama State University and went on to graduate law school at Louisiana State University. Both became prosecutors, though Owens worked in Birmingham while Grant went to Atlanta.

Even their families follow the same patterns. The twins married men who had been best friends since kindergarten, and the weddings took place only two months apart. As for children, they both had daughters four months apart (the girls are now 6) and then sons four months apart (the boys are now 3).

So, it seemed almost like fate that, since Owens has been a district court judge since 2008, Grant would soon follow, and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley appointed Grant on Friday to be a district court judge to fill the seat of Jack Lowther.

“Ms. Grant is highly qualified, motivated and prepared to be a district judge,” according to a statement from Jennifer Ardis, communications director for Bentley.  “The governor’s office found out about her twin sister during the interview process. Public service seems to be a trait that runs in her family.”

“I’m just overwhelmed, overjoyed. … I think this is a wonderful opportunity to serve the citizens of this county,” Grant told AL.com.

Her sister was thrilled as well, saying, “I’m really elated … I’m excited for her. We’re grateful to God and grateful to the Governor.”

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HBCU Alabama State Receives $1 Million in STEM Grants


Alabama State University recently announced that they received $1 million in federal grants for STEM programs, a major accomplishment for the institution.

The university’s Biological Sciences department will receive $770,000 to form a three institution partnership to include Auburn University and Tuskegee University. Through the partnership will come research and employment opportunities for students or color pursuing careers in STEM industries.

According to the principle investigator of the research project, the funding will have a tremendous impact on their doctoral students.

The remaining $330,000 will go to the university’s Center for NanoBiotechnology Research. The funding will be used for chlamydia research. The researches at Alabama State have been charged with using the grant funding to create a nanovaccine for the disease.

To read more visit hbcudigest.com.

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Regions Financial Partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.- Regions Financial (NYSE:RF) today announced the formation of the Regions HBCU Partnership, a collaboration with six Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the Southeastern United States supporting financial education, academics, athletics, and alumni engagement.  The Regions HBCU Partnership kicks off during the fall of 2012 at the following institutions, with plans to expand the program to additional HBCUs in the future: Continue reading “Regions Financial Partners with Historically Black Colleges and Universities”