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Super-Model Maria Borges Smashes Beauty Standards by Rocking Afro During VS Fashion Show

Maria Borges
Angolan Supermodel Maria Borges (Source: Getty / Getty)

Model Maria Borges strutted her teeny-weeny-afro down the runway at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and we were here for every second of it!  This was a huge moment for kinky curls, and Borges relished in the spotlight.

“For me, it is huge! I’m glad I’m doing it, you know? And they chose me to make history. I have no words to explain. It’s so good for me, and to be able to inspire the other girls everywhere as well!” she revealed in an exclusive interview with XONecole.

It’s a big moment, since tight curled tresses have always been under scrutiny for not complying with Euro-centric beauty standards. Borges working the main stage in one of the sexiest, most watched televised fashion shows, definitely gives natural hair the attention it deserves.

This isn’t the first VS show for Borges who has previously rocked the runway in fabulous weave-a-licious looks, but there was something special about taking the stage in her mama-made glory.

‘Starting February of this year, I cut my hair and I’ve been wearing it like this since. Before, I was using my natural hair mixed with extensions. Black is beautiful! I have to embrace my worth and that’s it! For me, I think I look more beautiful with short hair. I feel sexy, beautiful and powerful. All the good things!’ the Angolan beauty gushed.

article by Keyaira Kelly via hellobeautiful.com