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Shonda Rhimes Renews with ABC Studios Through 2018

Shonda Rhimes Renews with ABC Studios

According to Variety.com, “Scandal” and “Grey’s Anatomy” creator Shonda Rhimes has set a long-term extension of her overall deal with ABC Studios through May 2018.

Rhimes’ deal extension has been a long time in the works, given the amount of business she has in play at ABC and her status as an uber-showrunner.  “Grey’s Anatomy”, Rhimes’ initial breakout hit, remains a Thursday workhorse for the network as it heads into its 11th season.  “Grey’s” spinoff “Private Practice”, although not as highly-rated, lasted seven seasons in the ABC lineup.  “Scandal” blossomed into a bona fide hit for ABC this past season, and will kick off its fourth season this fall.

Next up for ABC under the Shondaland banner is the Viola Davis-starrer “How to Get Away with Murder.” The series was was created by “Grey’s Anatomy” vet Peter Nowalk and is executive produced by Rhimes and her longtime producing partner Betsy Beers.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson (follow @lakinhutcherson)