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Dr. Adrienne Washington Becomes 1st African American to Earn a Ph.D. in Linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh

Dr. Adrienne Washington (photo via jbhe.com)
Dr. Adrienne Washington (photo via jbhe.com)

article via jbhe.com

On May 1, Adrienne Washington of Morgantown, West Virginia, became the first African American to earn a Ph.D. in linguistics from the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. For her thesis, Dr. Washington researched the study and redevelopment of Yoruba language practices in the city of Salvador da Bahia in modern-day northeastern Brazil.

Dr. Washington is a graduate of Hampton University in Virginia. She received a master’s degree in linguistics at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Washington told JBHE, “My plan is to continue developing my research on Yoruba language practices in northeastern Brazil as well as explore other interdisciplinary topics in sociolinguistics. Currently, I am focused on writing manuscripts and applying for jobs in academia, where I see myself best contributing to society.”