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NFL Star Plaxico Burress Launches Luxury Accessories Line

Plaxico Burress (center) at his luxury line launch event on Friday, May 19th. (Image courtesy of www.plaxicoburresscollection.com)
Plaxico Burress (center) at his luxury line launch event on Friday, May 19th. (Image courtesy of http://www.plaxicoburresscollection.com)

NFL star Plaxico Burress is testing new waters during the off-season and has launched a luxury sock line as part of The Plaxico Burress Collection.

A fan of vibrant and comfortable socks, Burress, 35, has spent the last two years designing a collection that reflects his taste in fashion and provides great-fitting socks to those who consider them hard to find.  “I’ve always been crazy about my socks, my socks have always been loud,” Burress told theGrio at his launch event on Friday.

“It’s all about comfort and style, I want to wear a sock that’s comfortable for me because I have a size 12 shoe, I put on a lot of these socks on and the heel box doesn’t even go over my heel,” he admits.  As a result, Burress took it upon himself to craft a line that provides these necessities for men – but he isn’t the only celeb to launch this venture.

Reality TV star Rob Kardashian has also recently entered the market for footwear and released his own line of designer socks, known as Arthur George. However, Burress says his collection “isn’t like anyone else’s, it’s a little different over here” and reassures that “it’s all about comfort and style.”

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Will.i.am to Launch Line of iPhone Accessories

Will.i.am carrying the i.am+ camera for iPhone 4 at the Ekocycle brand launch in New York in October

Will.I.am is set to launch a new line of accessories, named “i.am+,” for Apple’s iPhone.  The Black Eyed Peas star, who was hired as a creative director for technology firm Intel last year, has created a collection of hardware which he insists will transform the cell phones.

The first product from his “i.am+” line is an accessory that clips onto an iPhone and transforms the eight megapixel smartphone camera into a 14 megapixel camera, which dramatically enhances the clarity and definition of the photographs. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, he says: “We have our own sensor and a better flash. You dock you phone into our device and it turns you smartphone into a genius-phone. We take over the camera.”

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