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Alonzo Mourning to be Inducted in 2014 NBA Hall of Fame

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Some really big news for Alonzo Mourning, who won his NBA title with Miami Heat.  Mourning’s not only being inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, but it’s a nice addition to being a board member of his alma mater, Georgetown University.

Mourning is joined by former NBA star Mitch Richmond and NCAA championship-winning coaches Nolan Richardson and Gary Williams.

“I didn’t understand the prestige of this university, the global prestige of this university,” Mourning said. “Never in my wildest dreams would I ever thought as a freshman that I would be sitting on the board of that university. Now I’m rubbing elbows with CEOs and billionaires and individuals that helped change this world.”

With 668 wins under his belt, Williams definitely deserves his honor.  “I was just a coach,” Williams said. “To be able to go in with Nolan certainly is great.”

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