Gayle King Agrees to $16.5 Million Deal to Stay as Host on CBS


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Gayle King has agreed to stay on as host of “CBS This Morning” after signing a 3-year deal for $16.5 million.  The deal would see King making $5.5 million per year, as “CBS This Morning” has been the only morning new broadcast to gain viewers this year.

“Gayle is a huge asset to the show, and her chemistry with Charlie [Rose] is great. She’s here for the long term,” a source told PageSix of the deal.

While CBS would not confirm the terms of the deal, they did confirm: “We have a long-term deal with Gayle.”

4 thoughts on “Gayle King Agrees to $16.5 Million Deal to Stay as Host on CBS”

  1. Congratulations! Gayle
    I have watched CBS This Morning many of times and I have enjoyed watching you anchor your position on the morning show. I love your presence and your smart daedal presentations as a journalist.

    Michael Abbington Sr.

  2. Gayle is the reason I watch I also record it when not able to watch love the way they all get along they seem to have each other’s back

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