Unemployment Drops to 9-Year Low Under President Barack Obama’s Administration

President Barack Obama (CREDIT: Twitter / @WhiteHouse)

article by Shanice Davis via vibe.com

The Obama administration has hit another milestone with less than two months left in office.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. economy added 178,000 jobs as the unemployment rate dropped from 4.9 percent to 4.6 percent in November, the lowest since August 2007.

The 9-year low, which came as a surprise to analysts who predicted the unemployment rate would remain unchanged last month, puts the economy on the edge of full employment which is reason for many Americans to celebrate.

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4 thoughts on “Unemployment Drops to 9-Year Low Under President Barack Obama’s Administration”

  1. This, despite the efforts of Republicans to ensure his failure. What might he have done with a useful Congress, I wonder? And what will happen to such gains come January 20?

  2. That’s just one of many accomplishments during President Obama’s administration that will be distorted until it becomes null and void. A recent example is the retention of jobs during the auto industry disaster a few years ago. The news was reporting hundreds of thousands of jobs being lost every month for about two years; there weren’t that many people working in the first place! But we fell for it. The Affordable Care Act, in its original incantation, was fine. However, the Republicans changed it to please the insurance industry and this year, many of them still dropped out, leaving the people who really need it without choices. Even with the tampering, it’s still better than not being insured at all. We really have to wake up, or be annihilated where we sit.

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