Georgia Cheerleader Angel Rice, 16, sets Tumbling World Record

GA cheerleader
Angel Rice (Fox5Atlanta)

A 16-year-old Georgia cheerleader has just broken a tumbling world record.  Angel Rice completed ten double full twists in one minute while an official from the Guinness World Records counted the seconds of her tumbling routine.

“It took me until the next day to realize, wow!  It’s real!” Angel told Fox5Atlanta. ” It didn’t feel real when it was happening.  I had to actually think about it and look at the plaque.”

Tumbling coach Frank Riley said that he had taken notice of Angel the minute she arrived at his gym at just five years old.

Of course, now that Angel has broken the world record, everyone wants to know what she’ll do next. We’ll just have to wait and see.

“When she came it was like, ‘Wow! Who is this little girl?’” said Riley. “She was strong.  She wasn’t one of the kids that come to the gym and they’re scared. Anything I asked her to do she would try,” he added.

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