Jasmine Twitty, 25, Becomes Youngest Judge in Easley, South Carolina

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Images of Jasmine Twitty in court reciting an oath and posing behind the judge’s bench went viral in the last few days when it was noted that the 25-year-old recently became the youngest judge in the history of Easley, South Carolina.

Twitty is an alumna of the College of Charleston and is a member of the Upstate Network Young Professionals Board where she helps improve career development for the youth. Twitty is also the treasurer of the civil rights organization, the Urban League of Upstate.

Major congratulations to Ms. Twitty!

article by Monique John via theyolandaadamsmorningshow.com

10 thoughts on “Jasmine Twitty, 25, Becomes Youngest Judge in Easley, South Carolina”

  1. While it is an accomplishment and I am glad for her, there are problems. Assuming no early graduations, she just finished law school, and with no experience in practicing law, she is set to adjudicate it. This is like hiring a newly graduated med student as a dean of medicine, no residency, no practice, but you are in charge now.

    1. Enough of your poor taste!
      Didn’t your kind/like-minded persons say the same thing about the current President of the United States, and look where he moved the country, from the abyss of hell
      (left by a ‘supposedly well qualified, former State Gov Pres/Presidentail family etc.” ie Pres. Bush…)…To a Greener & Competitive Land!..

      Back to the new Judge, if you PASS your Academic requirements in Law School, your Bar etc, etc etc, You are assumed to be ready to Practice.

      There’s a certain group of people called..Geniuses! Those do not necessarily have to follow the regular person’s pattern. If she’s not qualified, there’s no way in hell, that other Lawyers, Judges etc would let that black female, smell the Bench.. Let her shine, its her time.

    2. I do agree with your comment, however I wonder what were the qualification for this position in South Carolina. Maybe it’s a really small town. She may lack experience, that may be good and she will stick to the law, but hopefully use reasoning as well.

  2. Damn It feels good to see a sista on top..Congratulations sista u are such a great role model..Keep up the good job!!!

  3. I think that she needs to be broadcast to middle – high school students. What a role model!

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