Michelle Obama Announces Employment Site For Veterans


Nine percent of veterans who have served in the military since September 2001 are unemployed. This is about 1.6 percentage points higher than the overall civilian population. The White House is hoping a new job website will help bring these numbers down. First Lady Michelle Obama has announced a new online platform “to link soldiers leaving the military with jobs that match their skill sets,” reports The Grio. The new Veterans Employment Center will sort of be like a one-stop shop for troops as they transition to civilian life.

The website, EBenefits.VA.Gov, will assist veterans and military spouses in creating resumes, translating military skills into private-sector skills and will offer career and training data.  “It is our obligation to you,” Obama told soldiers at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky-Tennessee state line. “Your job is to take full advantage of these opportunities.” Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, joined Mrs. Obama for the announcement.

The site is sorely needed. “The Army plans to reduce its fighting force from a high of about 570,000 at the peak of the Iraq war to 490,000 — a reflection of budget cuts and of the country’s current military needs as wars in Iraq and Afghanistan end,” reports MSN.

And the White House says the site will have a smoother rollout than its glitch-riddled HealthCare.gov site. Administration officials announced that they have fully tested the veterans’ site to make sure it can handle high traffic and perform the various tasks.

article by Ann Brown via madamenoire.com

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