Entrepreneur Dez White Launches “Invisible” Apps to Protect Text, Call & Email Privacy

Invisible Text

Ever sent out a text you wish you could delete before OR after it’s read?  Need to keep details of your business ultra-confidential? Want to make phone calls or send emails completely off the record?  Entrepreneur Dez White has created a suite of applications – Invisible Text, Invisible Social, Invisible Call, and Invisible Email – that accomplish all of the above, and then some.

White, a married mother of two, came up with the idea for Invisible apps initially to address a pressing work need. “I was a journalist and I had to come up with a way to be able to receive clear and exact messages from my sources where they wouldn’t have to give up their email address or give me something tangible that could tie them to giving me the message forever,” White said in a recent interview with GBN.

Invisible Apps Creator Dez White (Photo Credit: ACEOFLA)
Invisible Apps Creator Dez White (Photo Credit: ACEOFLA)

Dez started mentioning her ideas to friends and one introduced her to an app developer who helped educate her on the business.

“From there I basically taught myself what I needed to know and me and him formed a partnership,” White offered.  “He would do the code and show me what the code meant and I was very involved in the nuts and bolts.”

White initially focused on developing the Invisible Text app, but then expanded into developing apps for calling, emailing and social media when she realized how pervasive the need for privacy options had become on every communication format.

The apps do not infringe on any social media host’s trademarks or phone or messaging services, White added, because users directly invite their friends from social sites or their contacts to use the Invisible platform outside of Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With Invisible Call, for example, “We access your phone book.  People have to know it’s important that you have to give us the right to access your phone book.  Once you do, you can invite the person to download Invisible Call,” White explained.  “The person can download it, and then from there you pair your devices and you can sync with them and talk with them as many times as you want to.”

No records of the conversations exist anywhere because, according to White, they bounce right off the server.  The only information Invisible’s server will retain is your contact information, but never how often calls are placed or to whom they are made.

Even if the government requested that Invisible supply text, phone or email records, White says she couldn’t do it because, “I wouldn’t have anything to turn over.”

Invisible Text hit 67,000 users last Monday, and White anticipates it will hit over 70,000 next week. “Business professionals really love it, I know that celebrities really love it – they were our first user base,” White said.  “Right now we’re cracking into the teen market.  My pride and joy is knowing that people are using it and are loving it and their privacy is not in question.”

White also believes it’s important for African-Americans, particularly females, to consider using this technology to protect themselves.

“I don’t think we really look into how much of our privacy is at stake. We don’t really look into how we’re using social media, how it can affect us in the workplace, how it can affect us in regards to potential suitors,” White offered. “It’s important for us when we’re gauging our reputation and forging our careers.  And I think we need to really get into our young African-American girls’ heads that privacy is important.  Social media is not a playground and we need to just be more private [about what} we put out into the world and the universe.”

The Invisible apps are all currently free for iOS via iTunes and for Android via Google Play, or you can find more information and download directly through goinvis.com.

article by Lori Lakin Hutcherson

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