Sweat At Home: 3 Workout Pieces You Can Use in Your House


According to HelloBeautiful.com, a new government study estimates that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans do not get the recommended amounts of exercise each week. And 84 percent of Americans have not and absolutely will not join a gym.  If you are among those who have a hard time getting to the gym or are anti-gym, there are now some great at-home options available:

1.  Flex With TRX (pictured above). Suspension training, unlike a resistance band (which many initially confuse the TRX straps for) allows the straps to serve as anchors for your body to move using its own resistance. Instantly traditional exercises such as squats, lunges, pushups and crunches become more challenging and your core and balance are always being challenged.  TRX’s comprehensive library of DVDs and online resources ensures proper exercise safety and instruction, so don’t fret, via a screen you will be all set.

TRX is perfect for anyone at any fitness level, and just like that winter coat every kid has–this system is something that not only fits well from the beginning, but is also designed to be something you can grow into. So come on lady, bring on a new challenge with TRX today!

$199.95 www.trxtraining.com

2.  Reform Your Core With The CoreBody Reformer


Prefer your workout via a mat or in a Pilates/Yogi type of way? Then you are going to flip when you get your hands on the Nautilus CoreBody Reformer.  This portable piece of equipment infuses the core strengthening power of Pilates, the cardio fit fun of dance and the flexibility components of yoga all in one workout.  Fusion workouts are tricky, however this simplified version of a reformer that doubles as a cable pulley machine and balancing beam makes working your core not only challenging but creative. The assembly was just as easy to follow as the included DVDs and workout cards, and the system can hide under your bed.

$249.95 www.corebodyreformer.com


3.  At Journey Gym, they remove the top five hurdles associated with unsuccessful systems and provide a healthy foundation of excellent solutions. The program is time efficient (5-20minutes), result/success oriented and best of all, cost effective. For $14.95 you can try any journey gym package for 30 days and if you love it, the total cost turns out to be less than one month’s health insurance benefits. Plus, by utilizing Gradually Ramping Interval Training (G.R.I.T.) this well crafted system allows you to start at your own level and your own pace.  And if that’s not enough, you are going to love the specifically designed DVDs and how the system also doubles as a stepper. Hello cardio! What are you waiting for? Start “your” journey.

$299 – $399 www.journeygym.com

article by Robbie Ann Darby via hellobeautiful.com

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