Bill Duke’s ‘Dark Girls’ Headed to OWN; More Films in the Making

ddark girlsBill Duke’s thought-provoking film, “Dark Girls” is headed to Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network this June.

The documentary first emerged in 2011 at the Toronto International Film Festival and had great promise of becoming something bigger and better. But it never turned up as a national theater release and continued to tour across the country.

Duke announced in 2012 at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles, that he was in the middle of developing two feature documentaries as follow ups to “Dark Girls.”

“Yellow Brick Road” will look at the ‘colorism’ issue from the perspective of light-skinned Black women. The other documentary, “What Is A Man?” will explore masculinity and manhood as it has transformed from the beginning of time to present day. Filming for the project has already begun and it turns out Duke has been interviewing people from all around the world.

Watch the trailer for “Dark Girls” below:

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6 thoughts on “Bill Duke’s ‘Dark Girls’ Headed to OWN; More Films in the Making”

  1. I remember there was a time in the 70’s when we all believed “Black is Beautiful” Beautiful women in all shades! It was a time of such pride, You took pride in your African Beauty I remember getting my hair braided in Harlem (corn rowed) and wanting to have it like Cicely Tyson or looking at commercials like Afro-Sheen that had beautiful Black women – or It may be out of date but to a little Black child it was great!! We need to go back to that pride. The President grew up during this time so did his wife… There was a feeling that we would do or be anything. Education was paramount ….!!! I’m glad I grew up during that time, I feel a bit sorry for the kids today, this issue will not be solved until we solve it, maybe in the past we could blame racism but its on us now!!

    1. amen to that sister!!! that is a beautiful statement!! i remember when i first moved to NYC and saw Susan Taylor at a restaurant, she was so beautiful, i felt so proud to have made it, eautifulbecause of strong sisters like herself…we do need to get that pride back and stop affecting other races’ qualities…black is beautiful

  2. Wow, what a trailer for the documentary! I never would have thought that this was the case. Some of the most beautiful black women I have known have been darker skinned. Their skin is luminescent, and I admit to always being jealous of the curls. Amazing and touching!

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