Giving Back: Mike Tyson Launches Children’s Foundation

Mike Tyson

Former world heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson (pictured) has traveled quite a road from fighter, spousal abuser and convicted rapist, to ear biter, pigeon lover, actor and now, children’s philanthropist. And to prove it, Tyson has launched his very own charity, aptly named, ‘Mike Tyson Cares Foundation.’

The organization’s mission is to ‘“give kids a fighting chance” by providing innovative centers that provide for the comprehensive needs of kids from broken homes.  It will also provide such essentials as healthcare and school assistance, shelter, mentoring, job mentoring and any other needs that the foundation deems necessary for the child in question seeking assistance.

The foundation will make its presence known even further by hosting a celebrity-packed gala at the Las Vegas hotspot, TABU on December 7.   Monies raised from the star-studded event will help two Vegas-area charities,  The Shady Tree Foundation and Awakenings, which also further the mission of Tyson’s organization.

By making the well-being of children a priority, Tyson, a fierce contender in the ring and father of 8 children himself, has proven with this latest venture that he has a compassionate heart:

“I am very proud to launch Mike Tyson Cares Foundation,” said Tyson. “I want my legacy to be about charity and helping children. This is my start.”

article by Ruth Manuel-Logan via

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