Seventeen Year-Old Willie Jones Wows on “X-Factor” With Country Song

On The X Factor this week, 17-year-old Willie Jones delivered a performance that left the show’s judges in complete awe.  The Shreveport, Louisiana native took to the stage rocking a Kid ‘n Play old-school high-top haircut along with a cut off jean jacket, and shocked judges when he began singing “Your Man,” a country music hit by Josh Turner.

“Your voice is a sensational recording voice and I want to remember this time, the first day I heard Willie Jones,” Simon said after Willie’s performance.

“Willie Jones you are an absolute original. He sounds like a Willie Jones right? It’s perfect. That was amazing,” praised L.A. Reid.

Britney Spears took to twitter to show some love for Willie, who is from her home state of Louisiana. “Willie’s from my home state! @LouisianaBredAndButtered I bet y’all weren’t expecting that voice. I know I wasn’t…,” she tweeted.

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